Friday, July 31, 2009

What goes good with wine? Face painting! Oh, and Cheese!

Excellent news! PartiGras is teaming up with Easley Winery to bring face painting to the Taste of Downtown on Saturday, August 8th! Lana and I are so very excited. I got the call yesterday from a co-worker who helps us facepaint for the annual picnic and also works for Easley. She told the Wonderful Makers of Excellent Wines of our skills, and they asked her to invite us to be their guest. We get to set up shop, offering our excellent skills to the masses, and in exchange we paint the Easley Children for free. Yippee!

As another exciting addition, Ryan Baxter Photography has made his services available for the event (that would be the "cheese" part of the title). He will be photographing our work and posting the images to his website,, so that the memory of our work can outlive the washcloth. Our clients will be able to get a free digital image if they would like. Very cool.

For the next week, Lana and I will be scurrying around making sure we have everything we need and praying for a beautiful day! (I bought a new bandana for my hair just for the occasion!) And next Saturday, 4-10, we expect to see everyone on College Ave! Check out the details at

See Ya there!


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