Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Entered another Contest... Gearing up for Saturday!

Another Halloween Contest in the Face Painters' Forum.  That place is so talented, but I like the creative challenge, so here's another entry.  I have to say I enjoy putting the photoshop together as much as painting the entry.  Wish
me luck!

Saturday will be here before we know it, and I'm hoping for a big turnout at the Irvington Halloween Festival. Lana and I will be there before the sun arrives, but the festival is from 9-5.  I hope I get the opportunity to walk around a little and see what all they have to offer, but I'll be just as happy if I am too busy!  So, everyone needs to come by!  It's an excellent opportuntiy to get your costume completed or just a little extra bling for your night of haunting the clubs.  On East Washington between Emerson and Arlington... look for the Big Red Tent!

See ya'll there!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween is the New Christmas!


No need to guess why.  The costumes, the make-up, the playful fantasy.  Perfectly normal adults giving into imagination.  It should happen more often, if you ask me!

Lots of happenings going on.  Parties, balls, movies, Zombie Walks.  Lots of reasons to need a painter!  It's a very busy season for us, but all is not lost!

There may yet still be time to book a personal painting session.  Need to be a Zombie?  the Scarecrow or TinMan?  a Sparkly Fairy?  A Ventriliquist's Doll?  going to a psychedelic club and want to glow?  Paint is lightweight, comfortable, easy to wash off, and hypoallergenic.  FDA approved ingredients, so it's really make-up, not paint.

Send us an email to partigras@gmail.com to learn more and book an appointment!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Won! I Won! I Won!

So exciting.  Won my first contest.  Whoopee!  I also entered my second contest, but the competition was fierce, so I was happy to not take the title on this one.  I really like the contests because they are really sparking my creativity.  I am patiently awaiting my winnings.  Okay, not so patiently, because I'm pretty aincy, but I'm very excited to be trying another maker of professional face paint, and to have more UV reactive paint.  (Rollerskating parties anyone?)

So, here's the winning photo, and the non-winning photo.  Enjoy.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Skinny Guys Need Not Apply!

Found a link... needed to share.  Cultural bodypainting from around the world.  Enjoy!

Wobbly Tiger Bellies

Friday, October 2, 2009

Irvington Rocks!!!!!

It's official!  PartiGras is going to be at Irvington Halloween festival!  I'm so excited because I hear they do Halloween up right, and the festivities have already began!

We'll be offering up our usual menu of butterflies and supermen, but I've also been working on some special Halloweeny ideas special for the occasion.  Plus, some fantastic colored hair clips to add to your costume.

Come by and let us gussy up your costume for trick-or-treating!
It should be great, I hear Akasha is already drumming some business up for us!  But there may be another painter there, so look for the red tent!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My First Contest

Last night, I prepared and submitted my first ever entry to a contest! It's very exciting and I'm rather proud of myself. In the face painting world, it is customary to compete, be it on line competitions or at conventions. There are all sorts of things an artist can do. One series of competitions on-line is held by a paint manufacturer, and they have a whole list of categories like butterflies, holiday, utilize the ear, or even including a man's beard in the design. The competitons at conventions are day-long events and the body art is elaborate. They hold an awards ceremony and people get all dressed up.

My entry is for a painter's forum I belong to. Each month they have a new topic to help foster creativity. The submission has to be in the form of a how-to to help others learn how to paint. We have all month to submit an entry, and after the end of the month, the members vote on the best. This month, the winner wins a Kryolan UV Palatte.

The topic was "Changing Seasons." I spent a while thinking about this one. Eventually I was inspired by the movies like Fantasia and Thumbelina that have faries fly around and bring in each season. I thought of the dawn and little faries waking up the flowers for Spring.

Wish me Luck!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Row Cavity Killaz!

The first annual IUPUI Regatta was Awesome! The weather couldn't have been better. There were lots of fun things to do, plenty of kids, the racing was fun, and the food was good!

Again, a day of firsts! Fox 59 came by and filmed Lana painting. That night I saw her on the 11 o'clock news painting the dreaded Pirate of the Canal! Way to go Lana! Then later, a camera came by from IUPUI and caught me painting a hard-core blondie who wanted a dragon! One lady asked us if we would paint her Chihuahua, Beans. As we don't discriminate against Canine-Americans, Lana went for it. That little dog actually smiled through it! Click on the pic to see everything up close!!!!

Ryan came along, as usual, and took tons of pics. On his site, http://www.ryanbaxterphotography.ifp3.com/, he has a gallery just for us, plus loads of pictures from the day: the people, the racing, the rubber duckies!

So much fun! I think we'll be back next year!