Sunday, September 20, 2009

Row Cavity Killaz!

The first annual IUPUI Regatta was Awesome! The weather couldn't have been better. There were lots of fun things to do, plenty of kids, the racing was fun, and the food was good!

Again, a day of firsts! Fox 59 came by and filmed Lana painting. That night I saw her on the 11 o'clock news painting the dreaded Pirate of the Canal! Way to go Lana! Then later, a camera came by from IUPUI and caught me painting a hard-core blondie who wanted a dragon! One lady asked us if we would paint her Chihuahua, Beans. As we don't discriminate against Canine-Americans, Lana went for it. That little dog actually smiled through it! Click on the pic to see everything up close!!!!

Ryan came along, as usual, and took tons of pics. On his site,, he has a gallery just for us, plus loads of pictures from the day: the people, the racing, the rubber duckies!

So much fun! I think we'll be back next year!


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