Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween is the New Christmas!


No need to guess why.  The costumes, the make-up, the playful fantasy.  Perfectly normal adults giving into imagination.  It should happen more often, if you ask me!

Lots of happenings going on.  Parties, balls, movies, Zombie Walks.  Lots of reasons to need a painter!  It's a very busy season for us, but all is not lost!

There may yet still be time to book a personal painting session.  Need to be a Zombie?  the Scarecrow or TinMan?  a Sparkly Fairy?  A Ventriliquist's Doll?  going to a psychedelic club and want to glow?  Paint is lightweight, comfortable, easy to wash off, and hypoallergenic.  FDA approved ingredients, so it's really make-up, not paint.

Send us an email to to learn more and book an appointment!

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