Friday, July 10, 2009

The Story of Partigras....

It's the Adventures of PartiGras FacePainting starring Jen and Lana. Once, mild mannered social work home visitors, now a precision strike-force of face painting wizardry!

Okay, we are still mild-mannered social workers, but we are also a team of awesome face painters. Lana and I have been life-long artists and met while working at Healthy Families. We began face painting as a part of the picnic our program hosts for our participants. It all started out very simple... Lana and I using watercolor pencils (we were naive).

Then my daughter got her face painted at Busch Gardens on a Spring Break trip. I was fascinated and in complete awe. I came back a changed woman with a new mission and a single focus. I began to research professional face painting... paints, how-to's, sponges, brushes, safety and hygiene, everything. Then I shared with Lana and she was hooked too.

So the next picnic, face painting stepped up a notch and has never been the same! Now Lana and I are PartiGras FacePainting and will now have the pleasure of chronicling our adventures and creations here!

So, read, enjoy, and if you are interested in our services, send an email to!

Here's some Picnic pics where it all started...

Yay for Painting!

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